About MWMartin Communications

Our approach to ensuring the best possible results with greatest efficiency, is to work with talented and skilled specialists as the project requires. To that end, MWMartin Communications retains working relationships with a stable of individual professionals and organizations. Whether your project requires a specific capability in the realm of marketing research, print or video design, event or project management, online presence or electronic marketing, MWMartin has the ability to introduce just the right talent at just the right stage of the project.


Michael W. Martin

Creative marketing professional experienced in business-to-business and consumer marketing strategies and communications.


Extensive experience in partnership marketing, SaaS, human resources, employee benefits, insurance and financial services.


International and vertical market development.


Proven record of leadership and innovation resulting in new business, cost efficiencies and sustainable marketing.

  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Channel marketing
  • Team building
  • Writing
  • Product positioning
  • Sales alignment
  • Media advertising
  • Diversity training
  • Creative direction
  • Brand management
  • Sales promotion
  • Event marketing



Partners In Success

With years of experience working with highly talented and creative individuals, MWMartin Communications has a cadre of partners to pull in as needed. International public relations, photography, research, design, tv and video production, and web development are some of the established relationships we can quickly turn to as your needs require.


Laura C. Dobson

Executive Producer

TV, Radio, Web Commercials



Dan Goldgeier

Web Content Production (video)