Pre- and Post-Sale ROI Analysis Tools

Quantify your customers' results.

The Pre-Sale ROI Analysis. Prospective buyers often need a business analysis of the potential impact to their organization. You can articulate what your product or service can do but can you show what it will mean to them specifically? We have experience in researching and building customized ROI tools that help make your point in a tangible way.


The Post-Sale ROI Analysis. Customers can tell your prospect that your product or service is "great" and "does the job" but what really impresses a prospective buyer is when they can cite results. If your customer can be made aware of all the ways you impact their business and then articulate that "we saved $6000 in printing and shipping costs alone" and "our productivity increased by 40%" while "our storage costs dropped in half reducing our overall real estate costs by 10%" then they are stronger advocates to your prospects. Just as importantly, they are also stronger advocates in their own organization for why you are a good investment when they can state with confidence that, "we have realized a return on our investment within as little as six months" and "adding up to an ROI of 300% in the first year alone."