Webcasts and Online Events

The decision to invest in a new technology or alter long established internal processes or that simply involve other departments can be intense. Your prospect needs assurance. They need messaging that translates within their organization. They need a vision of the profitable results they will achieve by working with you.  


Webcasts and online events are effective both in their immediacy and their long term benefit. Obviously, they can be recorded and viewed at leisure but the live event can allow for live interaction and access to experts. With multiple touches providing opportunities to learn more, the idea is to build the interactive process of promoting, inviting, registering, attending, thanking and follow-up into a nurturing process. You get to build your case and reinforce your sales and marketing messages.


We advocate events featuring your own customers so attendees can hear firsthand how well you resolve problems and how your customer service stands up to the competiton. We have experience in preparing the interview guests, designing the flow of the conversation, moderating online panels and Q&A sessions. And of course, we are skilled in promoting the events and executing the attendent communications.